Weekly Overages 6/11

Walmart Money Maker Coupon Overages For 6-1-11 JUNE

So this is how I start my shopping trip....Making a list of overages to match up with coupons I currently have. Now that I have my list, I will now go match up coupons from my binder and order the coupons I will need for this weekends shopping trip. I order my coupons from coupondede.com and then while I'm waiting for them to arrive I start planning my trip....What and how much I'm buying of each item, the cost before coupon, the amount of the coupon and how much out of pocket(OOP) i will be paying for each item. On some of these items I will be making overages, and I want my overages to pay for my other items....ideally. Here is this weeks overage list.

Temtation Cat Treats-$0.94 use $1/1 coupon (not sure what insert) for $0.06 overage(NEW)

Gain Dish Soap- $0.97 use $1/1 out of the P&G booklet= $0.03 overage (NEW)

Comfort Band Aids-$1.00 use $1/1 from http://www.nexcare.com/ = Free

Maruchan Yaksoba Noodles- $0.48 use $0.50/1 out of 3-13-11 SS= $0.02 overage

Tidy Cat Litter (10lb bag)-$1.77 use $2/2 when you "Like" on Facebook= $0.77 overage

Pert Plus (trial)- $0.97 use $1/1 out of SS= $0.03 overage

Huggies Pull-Ups flushable wipes (42 count)$1.00 use $1/1 out of 5-15-11= $0.03 overage

Pro Enamel toothpaste(trial)- $0.97 use $1/1 from 5-15-11=$0.03 overage

Secret Clinical (trial size)- $2.47 use the $3/1 out of the P&G mailer = $0.53 overage

Reach Floss- $0.88 use $1/1 out of the 4-17-11 RP = $0.12 overage

Head and Shoulders (trial size)- $0.97 use $2/1 out of the P&G mailer = $1.03 overage

Ivory Bar soap (3 pack)- $0.97 use $1/1 out of P&G = $0.03 overage

Carefree liners- $0.94 use the $1/1 coupon out of the 5-8-11 paper = $0.06 overage

Nivea Body Wash- $3.00 use the $3/1 out of 4-17-11 P&G = FREE

Noxema Bikini Razors (3 pack)-$1.97 (YMMV) use $2/1 5-1-11 RP = $0.03 overage

Dial lotion (trial size)- $0.97 use $1/1 printable coupon off facebook when you "like" them = $0.03 overage

Advil (trial size)- $0.97 use $1/1 coupon out of "All You" magazine (May)= $0.03 overage
or use $2/1 from http://www.advil.com/ = $1.03 overage

Propel Zero- $0.50 use $1/2 out of 2-13-11 = FREE

McCormick Taco seasoning- $0.52 use $0.75/1 out of RP 4-10-11 = $0.28 overage

Rayovac batteries- $0.97 use $1/1 = $0.03 overage

Purex 3in1-.97 (trial size) ($1/1 coupon)= 0.03 Overage

Renuzit Super Odor Neutrilizer-.94 ($1/1 coupon)= 0.06 overage

Breathe Right strips-.97 (trial) ($1.50/1)= .53 overage

Vaseline Lotion (trial size) $.97 ($1/1 coupon)=.03 overage

Thank you krazycouponlady and passionforsavings

If you have any others you are finding out there, please send me a note and I will update this list kimberleym1968@yahoo.com http://www.thedailywife.com/