Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Shopping Trip At Walmart This Week 5-18-11

The reason I want to post this for you, is that there are alot of new people out there starting to coupon.  When you are watching shows like "Extreme Couponing" you might see all of these great savings and are not really sure how they are doing it.  Let me assure you that anyone can do this!

This weeks shopping trip was done on overages.  Overages are what some stores will pay you back if your coupon value exceeds your item value.  Case in point this week is the Similac Baby Formula.  These sell for $3.84 at Walmart (Walmart is my primary store)  There is a $5/1 coupon out there right now that is good until May 31, 11.  If I buy the Similac and use the $5 off coupon that leaves me with $1.16 overage.  I can use that towards other grocerys OR Walmart will give me that money back!  Pretty awesome, huh?

I did use 40 Similac coupons. (no, I did not go out and buy 40 papers, I only buy 3-4 a week)  Be creative in how to get these.  Make friends with your newspaper guy, your corner store....heck, your neighbors!  Print coupons online...join a coupon train, order coupons online, ect...  Point is, there are LOTS of ways to get inserts and once you have a system down it will take less and less time. 

Okay, so here it is......

4 Romo Tomatos- $1.14 (or $0.28 each)
1 Head of Lettuce- $0.58
2 Avocados- $1.00 (or $0.50 each)
1 Onion- $0.29
1 Red Pepper- $1.78
1 Great Value Shredded Cheese $2.18
1 Bag of Carrots- $0.74
1 Bag of Potatoes- $1.77
1 Pineapple Cake Mix (Duncan Hines) $1.16 used $0.50/1
1 Super Family Size Pudding Snacks-$2.98
1 Great Value Mayonaise- $2.72
6 Cans of Great Value Lite Tuna- $3.60 (or $0.60 each)
1 12pk of RC Cola- $3.00
3 2LT Bottles Of Walmart brand Lemonade Soda- $2.04 (or $0.68 each)
1 Family Pkg of Chicken Thighs- $4.48
1 Almond Soymilk-$3.42 used $0.75/1
1 Turkey Roll- $1.18
1 Sausage Roll- $1.37
4 32oz Powerade Zero-$3.52 (B1G1)=$1.76 (or $0.44 each)
2 Boxes Ritz Crackerfuls-$5.36 use 1/1=$3.36 (or $1.68 each)
1 Baileys Hazelnut Coffee Creamer- $1.86 use $1/1=$0.86
1 Bag of Dunkin Donuts Coffee-$7.48 use $1/1=$6.48
2 Bags of Lite String Cheese $6.96 use $0.50/1=$5.96( or $2.98 each)
1 Proglide Fusion Razor-$5.97 use $5/1= $0.97
3 Noxema Bikini Razors- $6.51 use $2/1=$0.51 (or $0.17 each)
1 Dole Fruit Granola Snack cup-$2.08 use $0.75/1= $1.33
2 Dole Fruit cup snacks-$4.36 use $1/1=$2.36 (or $1.18 each)
36 Similac Spit Up Formulas-$138.24 use $5/1( coupons came to $180.00 on this item which left me with overage)=$41.76 overage
4 Cans Similac Adv.-$16.68 use $5/1= $3.32 overage

Total was $279.16
                   -$215.26 coupon totals
                   -$45.08 in overages applied to groceries

= $18.82 Grand Total


  1. Kimmie what do you do with the product one would buy to get the overages that one couldn't use ie the similac? Karen

  2. Wow! Good job. I'm reading through your posts now.

  3. What do I do with the products I can't use, as in the Similac?

    Well, we don't have a baby, so we actually donate them to the women at the low income housing here in town. It supports our community and helps single mothers out there.

    There are also the local churches that have food closets that are not government supported that could always use your help. Check around.

  4. Kimmie,
    I'm so glad I found you through The Blog Frog, I'm new to couponing and you make it so much less intimidating! You have a new GFC follower, feel free to check out my blog and follow back if you like! Looking forward to more great posts!
    Jessica @ Just Jess

  5. Hey Jessica...welcome! That's exactly what I don't want, is for people to feel intimidated. I'm glad this makes it easier for you....once you do a couple of weeks of it it will get easier. You just got to get your feet wet first and then each week you'll learn to tweek it and get better at it. Checking out your site girl!