Thursday, April 28, 2011

.93 cent shopping trip this week with 57 items! Here is my Shop list!

Here is what I bought and what I used! ( I shopped at Walmart this week)

1 head of lettuce-0.56

1 Apple-0.56

2 four packs of Great Value yogart- 1.54 each (3.08 total)

1 cartoon of eggs-1.67

1 2L Lemonade-0.68

1 package of strawberries-1.88

1 package of Lite String cheese-3.48

1 Baileys Hazelnut coffee creamer- 1.86 ( used $1/1 coupon bought off Ebay a stack of these) = .086

1 package of chicken leg quarters-4.70

15 cans of Friskies cat food-.50 (7.50 total) (used $1/15 coupon)= 6.50

6 Breathe Right Strips-.97 (5.82 total) (used $1.50/1 coupon bought off Ebay a stack of these)= 3.18 in OVERAGE ( i made money on these)

2 Eas Protein Bars-1.88 (3.76 total) (used $1/1 coupon) =1.76

20 Similac Spit Up baby formula-3.84 each (total 76.80)(used $5/1 coupon Bought off Ebay in a stack)= 23.20 in OVERAGE

4 Nivea Body washes-3.00 each (total 12.00)(used $3/1 coupon) FREE

How did you do???  Please share your shopping list and what coupons you used as well :) 

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The Daily Wife


  1. Great job! I need to start shopping at Walmart a little more....