Saturday, April 30, 2011

Work at Home Companies

Here is a compiled list of work at home companies.  I am a mom who works at home and have worked for a few of these companies over the years.  It wasn't easy for me when I first started trying to find reputable companies to work for, so I would really like to make it easier for others going through this same process.   Any questions please ask.  I'm here to help. (I currently work for ACD Direct and blog in my spare time and inbetween incoming calls) I will be adding more, so far today I am just adding through the "B's".  Please check back later.  I will also put a link at the top of this page so you can find these again when you return.

ACD Direct

Alpine Access


Applied Medical Services

Auto Club Renewals

Bateman and Co. accountants

Blue Zebra Appointment setting

Friday, April 29, 2011

Send Expired Coupons To Military Personal

Wondering what to do with all those expired coupons?  Send them overseas and support OCP!  (Overseas Coupon Program)  This is a great program that helps support our troop in saving them money at their on base PX stores and commissaries.

On the OCP website there is a list of all American military bases overseas who currently participate in the OCP and their addresses, sevice affiliations, and availabiliy for adoption. 

It's a great way to be patriotic AND do something constructive with all those expired and expiring coupons!

The Daily Wife

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Walmart Coupon "Overages" for this week 4-29-11

Okay, it's Thursday and evening and I'm getting ready to start my shopping list for the week.  I always like to start with finding the best and most overages for the week.  Here is my list so far.  Do you have any that are not listed??

McCormick Taco seasoning- .52 ( $75/1 coupon) =  0.23 overage

Purex 3in1-.97 (trial size) ($1/1 coupon)= 0.03 Overage

Renuzit Super Odor Neutrilizer-.94 ($1/1 coupon)= 0.06 overage

Similac Ready to Feed baby formula-3.84 ($5/1)= 1.16 overage

Breathe Right strips-.97 (trial) ($1.50/1)= .53 overage

Reach Dental Floss-.88 ($1/1)= .12 overage

Vaseline Lotion (trial size) $.97 ($1/1 coupon)=.03 overage

Mars M&M or Snickers Filled Easter Eggs $1.00

Please add any that you know of and have an awesome time shopping this week!

Please check out all my coupon links here on this page.  Print them and take them with you this week!

The Daily Wife

.93 cent shopping trip this week with 57 items! Here is my Shop list!

Here is what I bought and what I used! ( I shopped at Walmart this week)

1 head of lettuce-0.56

1 Apple-0.56

2 four packs of Great Value yogart- 1.54 each (3.08 total)

1 cartoon of eggs-1.67

1 2L Lemonade-0.68

1 package of strawberries-1.88

1 package of Lite String cheese-3.48

1 Baileys Hazelnut coffee creamer- 1.86 ( used $1/1 coupon bought off Ebay a stack of these) = .086

1 package of chicken leg quarters-4.70

15 cans of Friskies cat food-.50 (7.50 total) (used $1/15 coupon)= 6.50

6 Breathe Right Strips-.97 (5.82 total) (used $1.50/1 coupon bought off Ebay a stack of these)= 3.18 in OVERAGE ( i made money on these)

2 Eas Protein Bars-1.88 (3.76 total) (used $1/1 coupon) =1.76

20 Similac Spit Up baby formula-3.84 each (total 76.80)(used $5/1 coupon Bought off Ebay in a stack)= 23.20 in OVERAGE

4 Nivea Body washes-3.00 each (total 12.00)(used $3/1 coupon) FREE

How did you do???  Please share your shopping list and what coupons you used as well :) 

Please click on the link HERE to support our sponsors and get great free-printable coupons!  These are the same ones I print out every week to go shopping.

The Daily Wife

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wa-hooo!! New Sunday Coupons!! Early Sneak Peak!

This weeks Sunday paper 5-1-2011 will have FOUR inserts:

P&G coupon inserts (1)

Redplum (1)


Smartsource (2)

I am SO excited!!  Last weeks "no inserts" was just killin' me!

Anyhow, if you want to check out the whole early preview list on what inserts will come in this Sundays paper, please click HERE

Organizing Your Coupons

This week I am in the process of organizing my coupons.  There were no weekly inserts in last weeks Sunday paper, so I'm thinking this might be the perfect time to do this.  I wanted to share with you how I go about doing this, and maybe learn from you, as well.  First things you're going to need:

A binder:  I bought a $6.00 photo album from Walmart that holds about 600 photos ( coupons).  Only problem is that the photo album pages are a bit flimsy, so as I am needing to add more, I try and add baseball card (plastic) sheets instead.

A way to seperate shopping catagories: I use file tab seperators.  Here is a handy download to print a table of contents and catagory sheets.

Printable table of contents and catagory sheets

After cutting and clipping all of my coupons for the week I start sorting and filing them into catagories.  Yep, it takes a bit of time, but makes my shopping trip so much easier!

I then get on the internet to a few of my favorite sites and start compiling a shopping list.  My store offers overages, so the main thing I'm looking for is what products and coupon matchups are going to give me the most overage for my shopping trip.  I add these items to my shopping list.  These "Overage" items are going to pay for my groceries!

I then go through my binder and pull out the coupons that match the items on my shopping list.  A recipe box is a good storage place for these and make them easy to get to.

I then put everything into my Droid shopping app.  I use "Mighty Grocery" and you can find this by doing an app search.  I use a shopping app for a few reasons, but mainly because I don't want any surprises at the checkout lane.  This app lets you enter the quanity of each item you're purchasing, each item price and any discounts or coupons you have.  It also, figures in tax and gives you a shopping total!

Once armed and organized with a loaded binder, little recipe box and my Droid, I head off to the store!

To keep things organized be sure to keep all of your expired coupons removed.  I usually do this once a week before adding new coupons to my binder.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to start gathering coupons

 I thought I would back this up a bit and start at the beginning.....Alot of you new at couponing have probably been watching the new TLC show, "Extreme Couponing".  I absolutely LOVE this show, but they don't give you alot of inside information about how these woman are saving 98% off their grocery bill.

 Can it realistically be done for the average person?  How do I start?  The answer is YES, the average person can do this!  First, start with gathering coupons!  One of the big questions I get asked is, "Where do you find all of your coupons?" There are a few ways to do this:

Buy Sunday papers and collect and cut the coupon inserts.  There are a few different types of inserts, Redplum (RP), SmartSource (SS), P&G, and General Mills.  Some weeks have more inserts than others.

Print coupons online. There are several coupon sites which you can do this from.  My favorites are:

Write the manufactor.  I've gotten some REALLY great deals from emailing my favorite companies.  Send a little note letting them know that you really enjoy their products and would like to know if you can be placed on their coupon mailing list.

Online Clipping Services.  There are quite a few out there.  This is a service that clips and sends you ONLY the coupons (or whole inserts) you want for a small fee.  Here are a few of my favorites.
Coupon Dede
The Coupon Master
The Coupon Clippers

Ebay.  I get ALOT of my coupons from Ebay.  Just type in the coupon you are looking they send to your house in a couple of days!  You can also buy coupons in bulk here!

I know that when you are starting out it seems crazy to "pay" for coupons, but keep following me here....I will show you how to make money with these coupons.  Alot of these are what we call "Money Makers" (MMs).  Yes, you can make money from coupons.  Alot of stores will pay you money back when you use mm coupons.  I will get into this in future blogs, but for now lets just stick with the basics. 

If you have any questions or are still feeling lost.  Please comment me here or email me at

Monday, April 25, 2011

Similac Baby Formula coupon $5/1 Does your store offer overage?

This is a great money making coupon that came out in last weeks paper.  If you were not able to get yours, why not try Ebay?!  I bought 20 of these this week and spent 10.00 on them.  The Similac spit up formulas are 3.84 at my local store that pays overage, so not only did I get all the 20 formulas free to donate, BUT I also recieved 1.16 overage for each one.  I made 13.60 AFTER paying for my coupons and put that towards my groceries!  My only regret is that I didn't buy 100 coupons....grrrrrr